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The planet Mode loses its icon and Master of the high-seam

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The dressmaker of German origin whose visual signature was indissociable revival of Chanel is deceased on February 19th, 2019.

Enigmatic character, genious creator and dressmaker requiring with shingling liveliness, Karl Lagerfeld died out this Tuesday, February 19, the man who resurrected Chanel showed an acute sense of the selfmockery, of a selfcontrol infallible and of an overflowing creativity.

Karl Lagerfeld is deceased in the morning at the American Hospital of Paris, at NeuillysurSeine, in the HautsdeSeine (92). It was allowed there in urgency Monday evening. The cause of its death is not yet known.

The health of Karl Lagerfeld has been source of concern for several months, late Kaiser had illuminated the avenue of the FieldsÉlysées for the festivals of Christmas, in the presence of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, having already an image of suffering and fever, but also a weak state.

The art director of Chanel had missed the procession Haute couture of the Parisian house, on Tuesday, January 22. Chanel had reassured the fans of the creator by explaining that it was simply tired.

In addition to Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld also exerted within the Roman claw Fendi, which will reveal its collection readymade clothes for the seasons autumnwinter 20192020 this Thursday, February 21.

Haloed of a thick mystery nobody could attest his birth date precisely nor does not know with certainty the details of his private life , the art director with the powdered catogan and opaque sunglasses will have upset the history of the mode in general and that of the designers houses Chanel and Fendi (for the readymade clothes woman) in particular, always managing to collect the air of time with humour.

No one cannot affirm the age of the German dressmaker. During years, this last voluntarily sowed the doubt about the subject, being prided not to know itself its date of birthday. However, it is imagined that Karl Lagerfeld of his true name Karl Otto Lagerfeldt has approximately about twenty years when it arrives at Paris with his mother a Prussian. As an obvious result with easy youth that it carried out beyond the rhine, Karl Lagerfeld, son of a Scandinavian businessman, poses his bags in a mansion germanopratin Quay Voltaire, in 1954. Hardly unloaded in the capital of the mode, the winds are favorable for him. Thus, the young person Karl gains the first price of the competition of the international Secretariat of wool, ex æquo with another young dressmaker, Yves Saint Laurent his enemy better future. The dressmaker Pierre Balmain, who belongs to the jury, notices it and then recruits it as assistant.

The grass designer has the fidgets and starts a career of independent designer. Quickly, it creates clothing for the brands Chloé and Fendi which call on its services respectively in 1963 and 1965. It vacuumcleans the brand image of Fendi durably, at the origin house of Roman fur, by inventing the idea of a ludic luxury, far from the middleclass silhouette of the time.

In 1983, twelve years after the death of Coco Chanel, it is named art director of the house of the street Cambon. At this time, the claw lives difficult hours and the intervention of that which one will call later Kaiser of the mode gives again him a second breath. Then in 1984, it launches its eponymous brand, and in 1986 the famous gold die sacroholy distinction at the time in the medium comes to crown its work. Nothing any more stops Karl Lagerfeld, who seems to hold the formula to awake the beautiful ones deadened and to reregister them in modernity.

At the dawn of the year 2000, Karl Lagerfeld offers a new image. He loses 40 kilos to be able to slip into the costumes Dior Homme drawn by Hedi Slimane. The new millenium marks a true turning in the career of the designer, who has fun more and more with his image and multiplies the projects with the new generation.

Its thorough direction of the selfmockery. The proof: in 2008, it lends its image to the Road safety by praising the merits of the yellow waistcoat in a commercial: It is yellow, it is ugly, that does not go with nothing, but that can save you the life. Other feats of arms, in 2010: it appears in the clip of Jean Roch at Snoop Dogg whom plays the part of God. And Karl Lagerfeld to conclude by a pirouette: The most important thing that you should know about me, it is which all that the others told you is not necessarily true.

It leaves its godson Hudson Kroenig, son of the top model Brad Kroenig; its faithful righthand man Sébastien Jondeau and his shecat, Choupette, to which it was very attached.

RIP Karl Lagerfeld, fashion in mourning.

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