The Pope, Palm Sunday: “In the dark moments it is necessary to have the courage to conceal “the triumphalism, the society lives and the threats stronger” for the Church”

Silence without resentment it will reveal to us weak, and then the demon will leave to overdraft. After difficult days in the Vatican because of tensions and of the poisons related to the notes of Benedict XVI on the paedophilia in the clergy, it arrives Palm Sunday, and homily dad Francesco known as: In the moments of suffering it is necessary to have the courage to conceal, with softness. Words which do not pass unperceived, and that they have the taste of the encouragement to which Church wants really well, threatened especially of triumphalism and society lives.

Today, the Pontiff, in St. Peters Square, the solemn Celebration. In the center of the place, meadows of the obelisk, benedice the palm trees and the olivetrees and, at the end of the procession which joined the square, celebrates the Mass of the Passion of the Mister.
Acclamations of the entry in Jerusalem and the humiliation of Jesus. Merry cries and wild eagerness. This double mystery accompanies every year the entry in the Holy Week, the Bishop of Rome starts.

Jesus shows like facing the difficult moments and insidious temptations, while keeping in the heart a peace which is not detachment, is not impassiveness or superomismo, but it is trustful abandonment with the Father and his will of hello, life, mercy; and, in all its mission, through temptation to make its work by choosing it the fashion passed and by untying obedience the Father .

Even today, in its entry in Jerusalem, It shows us. Because in this event the malignant one, the Prince of this world had a paper to play: the paper of the triumphalism, and the Mister answered while remaining faithful its to, of humility.

He explains Francesco: The triumphalism seeks to approach the goal for means of short cuts, of false compromise. Point to be gone up on the carriage of the victorious one. The triumphalism lives gestures and words which however did not pass through the crucible of the cross; it feeds from the comparison with the others while always judging worsen them, defective, failed.
Subtle version a is the spiritual society lives, which are the major danger, the more perfidious temptation which threatens the Church, known as by quoting De Lubac.

But Jesus destroys the triumphalism with his Passion. Caution: God really shared and delighted with I populate, with the young people who shouted his name by acclaiming the King and the Messiah. Its heart godeva in seeing the enthusiasm and the festival of the poor of Israel. So much so that, these Pharisees that they asked him to reproach its disciples for their scandalous acclamations, He answered: If those conceal, they will shout the stones. Humility  it specifies the Dad does not want to say to deny reality, and Jesus is really the Messiah, the King .

However at the same time the heart of Christ is on different, on the holy one that only Him and the Father knows: who goes from the condition of God in the condition of slave, from humiliation in obedience until death and to a death of cross. He knows that to arrive at the true triumph he must make space with God; and to make space with God there is only one fashion: spoliation, the emptying of him .

In other words, to conceal, request, humiliate themselves. With the cross it cannot négotier, or it is embraced or it refuses. And with its humiliation Jesus he wanted to open with us faith and to precede us in her.

It observes Bergoglio: Behind of Him, the first to traverse it was his/her Mother, Marie, the first disciple. The Virgin and saints had to suffer to walk in the faith and the will of God. Visavis the events you hard and painful of the life, to answer with the faith it cost a detail pains heart , underlines by quoting dad san John Paul II. It is the night of the faith. But only this night it leaves the paddle resurrection. With the feet of the cross, Marie reconsidered with the words with which the Angel it had announced them his/her Son: It will be large; Monsieur Dio will give him to the throne of David his father and will always reign on the house of Giacobbe and its reign will not have fine . But then Marie on Golgota is visavis the total denial of this promise: his/her Son fails on a cross like a criminal. Thus the triumphalism, destroyed humiliation of Jesus, was also destroyed in the heart of the Mother; however both knew to conceal, highlights.

Then Francesco highlights the merry acclamations and wild eagerness; he is impressive silence of Jesus in his Passion, overcomes even temptation to answer, be media. In the moments of darkness and great suffering it is necessary to conceal, to have the courage to conceal, provided that is to conceal soft and not rancoroso . The softness of silence will reveal to us even more the weak ones, more humiliated, and then the demon, while taking courage, will leave to overdraft. It will be necessary to resist to him in silence, by maintaining the position, but with the same attitude of Jesus . Christ is conscious that the war is among God and the Prince of this world, and that one does not treat to put hand at the sword, but to remain calm, solid in the faith. It is the hour of God. And in the moment when the Mister goes down in battle, it is necessary to let it make. Our sure place will be under the coat of the Veined Saint of God.

This will help us to live in the holy tension between the memory of the promises, the reality of eagerness present in the cross and the hope of resurrection.
Then, with the Angelus, with the 50mil present as SaintPierre (given of Gendarmeria the Vatican) I wanted to offer a special crown of the Rosary, announces. They are crowns out of wooden of olivetree realize as a Terra Santa expressly for the world Meeting of the young people with Panamà of last January and for the Day of today (repetition diocesan XXXIV Day old World of Youth, ndr).

At the end of the Mass and Angelus Francesco it goes up on the papamobile open to make the turn among the crowd of faithful agreed in St. Peters Square. Among moments of light rain and sudden cleared up, the Pontiff traverses the various sectors of the place to greet and bless crowd festante, made up even of much of young people. Bergoglio, in its route in the jeep among the faithful ones, even exceeded the limits of St. Peters Square and thus Vatican territory, while crossing place Pius XII and of the first feature of the Conciliation to greet the pilgrims present.

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