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The Prune Museum of Agen

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Located on a plot of 30 hectares on the banks of the Lot, a few kilometers from Agen, the Pruneau Museum of Lafitte sur Lot on the site of Gabach (47320), invites you to discover all the stages of the production of prunes. Agen.

Whether you choose a guided group tour (from 15 people) or individual (with an audioguide). You have to go through 3 stages: Visit of the Prune Museum for the historical part, Video presentation of the farm and its work on the 4 seasons and Tasting of the products. It allows to learn the origins of this fruit that has crossed the world to come to the Lot et Garonne as well as the different drying techniques that have evolved to the present day. A new activity is proposed to the visitors, big and small, alone or in family: the visit of the museum in the skin of a pruniculteur of the 19th century and the invention of its own slogan around the prune. Since last June 22, a new children’s course exists within the museum.

The first plums of Ente on the farm were planted on the site of Gabach in 1962. The plum of Ente, originally from the Orient is the ancestor of prune Agen, fruit that contains the most antioxidants. Sun-ripened fruits are harvested at full maturity from August 15 to September 15, they are then transformed into prunes (dried plums in tunnels for 75 hours at 75 ° and then rehydrated in a bath of 80 ° to reach a rate of humidity of 35 ° to bring out the flavor and softness, the pasteurization which allows to keep it 2 years is the last phase because the preservatives are not used), in half-cooked (Ente half-cooked plum harvested among the more beautiful plums and especially the sweetest, dried up to 35% moisture and not rehydrated to keep all the nutritional value of the barely cooked fruit and the fibers, this preparation is less sweet and suitable for diabetics), finally in prune prebiotic (Ente plum, dried only for 10 hours, with 45% moisture content with a real taste of fresh fruit, unique on the farm, prebiotics, living microorganisms naturally contained in plum imitate the growth and / or activity of micro-biota bacteria while acting positively on well-being.

In 2017, the new owners who made a total conversion, leave “the service to the person” to turn to the exploitation, the transformation, the sale of the plum of Ente by buying the Farm and the Museum of Prune of Lafitte on Lot, a few kilometers from Agen. Producers and processors, they turn to a quality Agen prune, made entirely by hand through the control of the entire production chain (planting trees, pruning, harvesting, drying and processing), thus favoring the short circuit , the solidarity economy and biodiversity. using techniques and systems that save on plant protection products as well as natural alternatives such as the use of ewes to maintain the orchard and provide a natural fertilizer. The size of the plum trees is carried out every winter to select and obtain the big fruits, guaranteeing an irreproachable and tasty prune. Bees are naturally used for pollination.

The products made on site are sold at the shop where visitors have the chance to participate in tastings around the prune and its derivatives but also to discover the novelties created each year.

The Farm and Prune Museum are also present at trade shows, we will find them as follows:

-On October 26th and 27th, the Salon de la Gastronomie de Douarnenez will be held at the Halle de Douarnenez (29100).

– From November 29 to December 1, 2019, “The Gascons are there” will invest the banks of the Seine side Boulogne Billancourt aboard the Barge “Les Calanques”, after the Eiffel Tower last year.

Since the end of 2018, in order to avoid the risks of monoculture, the Farm turned to a diversified crop by building 2 hectares of greenhouses to grow strawberries Garriguettes and Charlotte that can be bought between March and November.

In addition, throughout the year, many activities are forged around the prune and its museum (Easter Egg Hunt on March 28, 2020, Pruneau Hike on May 3, 2020 (there were 2 courses in 2019 of 12 and 17 km), The Plum and Prune Festival (Discovery for the second year of life on the farm in the middle of the harvest and the occupation of pruniculturist), August 17 and 18, 2020.

Games are organized every summer from July 1 to September 15 for young and old: Dédal’Prune, a labyrinth of 15,000 m² in the but with a new drawing, a new configuration, a new theme and of course new puzzles all in the years, torchlight nights are organized from 8:30 pm every Monday in July and August. The Pruno Quiz, a unique activity in the region, allows you to discover the life of the orchard, season after season, and get to know its surprising hosts thanks to the images of fauna and flora concealed in the tags hidden in the plum trees. This activity of 45 minutes is ideal for the family is also the opportunity to test his knowledge on plum, prune, their development, their production.

The visit of this museum dedicated to the prune is an unforgettable moment for all the family, a discovery of the nature, a trade and a return to the authenticity.

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