A curfew is in place from December 15 from 8 p.m.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, and the Ministers of Health and the Interior, set the course on Thursday for the end of year celebrations.

And as feared by many French people, the head of government announced that if “the rules will change on December 15”, they will be “stricter than what we had initially envisaged”.

The reopening of cultural venues planned for December 15 has been postponed for three weeks, the Prime Minister announced on Thursday.

As a result, the planned reopening of cultural places, such as museums, cinemas or theaters is postponed for three weeks, announced the Prime Minister. The curfew will be reinstated on December 15 and will begin at 8 p.m. It will also apply on December 31, contrary to what Emmanuel Macron announced on November 24. Travel certificates will no longer be necessary during the day.

“5,000 new cases per day, this is the level at which we can regain control of the epidemic by tracing the sick”, recalled Jean Castex before announcing that establishments receiving the public will remain closed for three additional weeks and will not reopen not on December 15th.

“Even if all these establishments have health protocols, the logic that we must follow is to avoid increasing the flows, the concentrations, the mixing of the public”, declared the head of government. “The conditions set for their reopening are unfortunately not met. These are mainly cinemas, theaters, performance halls, museums, but also the reception of the public in sports arenas, in circuses, zoological parks or even gaming rooms and casinos “he specified.

A new point will be made on January 7 for a possible reopening depending on the health situation. Aid is being maintained, the Prime Minister also indicated. In addition, bars and restaurants remain closed.

The curfew which will be implemented from 8 p.m. from December 15, outside the ultra-marine territories, will also apply during the New Years Eve of December 31, contrary to what the government had initially envisaged, also announced the Prime Minister. minister.

This New Year’s Eve “concentrates all the ingredients for an epidemic rebound”, and “if the circulation had continued to decrease sharply, we could have assumed this risk, but this is not the case” and we must “respect the rule of curfew, stay at home, therefore, on December 31, “said the head of government.

In addition, the police will put in place “a strengthening of the controls” of this curfew, indicated Gérald Darmanin. “There will be no instructions for indulgence” insisted the Minister of the Interior, who recalled that not being able to justify his trip by a certificate exposes to “a fixed fine of 135 euros”.

The reasons for waiving the curfew are: professional reasons, medical reasons, compelling family reasons, people with disabilities and their companions, missions of general interest and outings to walk pets.

However, the curfew will not apply on the evening of December 24 and travel will be authorized. However, the Prime Minister again recommended bringing together “no more than six adults at a time” at Christmas.

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