Thousands of Roumanians gathered against corruption in the streets

Thousands of Roumanians are descended in the street, for the fourth consecutive evening, in order to protest against the left government after the scuffles which made hundreds of wounded during a demonstration Friday.

Singing the national anthem and agitating flags of Romania, the demonstrators, much fewer than the two nights before they had then been of tens of thousands, again gathered place of the Victoire, opposite the seat of the government.

Number of them showed again the government of corruption and claimed its resignation.

European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova urged the Romanian government on Monday to rethink recent court legislation that has rushed Romanians into the streets to protest over the last three days.

The organizers of the protest movements in Romania estimate that the discussed judicial reform is cut custom-tailored to satisfy the interests with corrupted elected officials. The legislation threatens independence of the judges, limit the authority of the Public Ministry and saps confidence in the legal system, for its part commented on the police chief European Jourova in the German daily newspaper Die Welt Monday. It would be “useful” that the Rumanian government works over again its government bill, adds Vera Jourova the police chief.

The coalition with the power in Romania already made pass from the laws which weaken the power of the agency anti-corruption of the country. Laura Kovesi, who directed it, moreover was dismissed whereas she and her agency was recognized universally for their effectiveness in the fight against corruption.

Sunday, some 15,000 people met in front of the seat of the government, whistling, shouting of the slogans like “keep silent corruption! Resignation!” and showing the members of the government to be “robbers”. These peaceful gatherings multiplied in Romania since the come to power of Social Democratic Party (PSD) at the beginning of 2017 which seeks to decriminalize certain offences of corruption. The deputies of the PSD approved this year of the modifications of the penal code, causing the concern of the United States and the European Union. These modifications were the object of a recourse before the Constitutional court. The leader of the PSD Liviu Dragnea was condemned to three years and half of prison by the supreme court in June for incentive to the abuse of power.

“According to a government decision of 2014, the National centre of management of the actions of the public order is organized in accordance with the law within the ministry of interior as a structure of inter-institutional assistance to the integrated management of the special actions and of crisis management. ”
The decision-making center meets in meeting each time the situation requires it, at the request of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Home Secretary or the leaders of the other public institutions represented.
According to, the institutions, the weapons composing the decision-making center were convened with the ministry for the Interior Friday evening and the session was prolonged up to 3 hours of the morning. In this situation, Carmen Dan is directly responsible for the violations of the law and of the decisions taken, declared on it of the forces of processes in G4Media. “

Setting directly causes some, the Home Secretary Carmen Dan ensured that the gendarmes had acted by obeying the law “to defend the institutions of the State”.

Amnesty International to require of the Romanian authorities must conduct investigations fast, thorough, independent and impartial by the civil authorities into the allegations of useless and excessive use of the force by the gendarmerie against the participants in a demonstration in Bucharest on August 10th and translate into justice fair trials. Amnesty International is deeply worried by the allegations of use without understanding of chemical irritants while dispersing the demonstration and the announcement by the authorities which the investigation would be conducted by the military tribunal.

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