Tiago H.: the revelation of summer

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We were talking about this a few weeks ago. Tiago H. has everything for him and to make a place for himself in the artistic world. Seductive look. Ultra brite solar smile. Tenor voice. This young singer in development, originally from Aurillac, coached by the lyric performer Alexandre Chassagnac, arrives with a catchy first track, which smells of summer hits. It is between two promos that he tells us about it.

Daily Impact European: What is the H of your first name?

Tiago H.: Quite simply the first letter of my last name.

JIE: Are you a distant cousin of Kendji Girac?

TH: In our gypsy community, we are all, directly or indirectly, cousins. Through the family, we talked to each other. I hope to have the opportunity to meet him and why not, one day, make a duet with him.

DIE: Were you worried that people would constantly compare you to him?

TH: I’m glad you can compare me to Kendji. Like him I am a gypsy, but our musical styles are different. Kendji makes gipsy pop while I do Latin pop.

DIE: Is it true that a gypsy is made to sing?

TH: It’s in our culture. From birth, we are lulled by music. Me, she follows me from a very young age, everywhere, throughout the day.

JIE: Playing the guitar too…

TH: It’s true. We like to have a good time around the fire. Very often we meet there with family and friends to sing and play.

DIE: And yet you are not a guitarist …

TH: Just because I’m a gypsy doesn’t mean I should know how to play the guitar. I tried. I’m not desperate to learn, but at the moment my instrument is my voice.

DIE: Before singing, what were you doing?

TH: I was a house painter. But my love and passion for music has been stronger.

DIE: How were you spotted?

TH: At the start of this year, I felt the need to go to singing lessons to improve my voice. It was Alexandre Chassagnac (Editor’s note: lyric singer discovered in “France has an incredible talent” and “The Voice”) who was the professor, what I did not know at the time, who summoned me. He asks me to make some notes. And there, instead of making me join his course, he offers me to go to a casting; a record company was looking for a singer for a Latin pop project. To my surprise, of all the candidates, I was the one selected. Today, I present this project to you and I am very proud of it.

DIE: Was this your first casting?

TH: No. Two years ago, I participated in the selections to make The Voice, but I was not convinced. It was that it should not be done and that another destiny awaited me.

DIE: So what’s it like to release your first single?

TH: It’s a lot of emotion, joy and happiness. Releasing a first single was a dream. I saw him awake. It’s just magic.

DIE: Are you just an interpreter?

TH: Yes. It is Guillaume Soulan who is the composer (editor’s note: among others by Amandine Bourgeois) and Roger Nestiri the author.

DIE: Tell us about “In the skin”…

TH: It’s a very warm, rhythmic track that makes you want to have fun and party. It tells the story of a couple who knows a complicated, but not impossible, love; a relationship that many people have experienced.

DIE: Is an album in preparation?

TH: We are recording it. It will consist of twelve titles. The summer will therefore be very productive, as its release is scheduled for the end of October.

DIE: What will be its musical color?

TH: Very colorful, always based on Latin pop.

DIE: What will be the themes?

TH: Love and friendship.

DIE: Do you have a model?

TH: Madame Ginette Reno. She is a great lady as much for me as the travelers. I grew up with his songs.

DIE: Which is your favorite?

TH: “I will be there”. All the lyrics of his songs are touching, but these are even more so. She is a “mama” who addresses her daughter and tells her that she can always count on her. It is too beautiful.

DIE: What else can we listen to in your playlist?

TH: It is very varied. We can find Tal, Slimane, Enrique Iglesias as well as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Johnny Hallyday and Kamaleon.

DIE: Are there also hymns?

TH: Yes. I am evangelical. Listening and singing these songs appeases me.

DIE: With which artist would you like to make a duet?

TH: Of course, with Madame Ginette Reno. Singing with her is one of my other dreams. What an honor it would be for me!

DIE: What does the scene inspire in you?

TH: Joy. It’s a real pleasure to find the public and share my titles with them as well as all the work provided with the team. The stage is a second home.

DIE: What is your ritual before you go up there?

TH: I rub my hands to express the fact that I’m happy. It encourages me and stimulates me.

DIE: Do you have scheduled dates?

TH: Today, we have to reorganize ourselves and wait for the authorizations. But for 2021, the tour dates will be indicated on my social networks.

DIE: What would you like to be told about you?

TH: That I’m an endearing person.

DIE: What can we wish you?

TH: The success and that the public be there to welcome this first title.

“In the skin”: DMR Records/Universal/V.music  Available on all legal platforms. To listen to or download from: https://fanlink.to/ThDlp

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