Tribute to Prefectural Victims: Macron Calls on Nation to “Block” Against “Islamist Terrorism”

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President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called “the entire nation” to “block” to fight “Islam carrying death”, during a tribute to the four officials killed Thursday by one of their colleagues in the police headquarters of Paris.

“Your colleagues have fallen under the blows – of a misguided and deadly Islam that it is our duty to eradicate -” continued the head of state, who called “the whole nation to unite “. “We will prevail only if our country rises to fight against this underground Islamism that corrupts the children of France,” he added, praising “the irreducible French spirit of resistance.”

He praised “the irreducible French spirit of resistance”, and called for the mobilization of all of us to “bloc” against Islamist terrorism during the tribute to the victims of the attack of the prefecture . Words made to mark. This is the first time he really settles down as the protector president, first of all the French against terrorism.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner presented the Legion of Honor, posthumously, to the four victims: Damien Ernest, major in charge of a local police unit (28 years of service), Anthony Lancelot, guardian of the peace (11 years old), Brice Le Mescam, principal administrative assistant (6 years old) and Aurélia Trifiro, peacekeeper (17 years old). The trainee police officer who killed the 45-year-old assailant will also be decorated but at a later date.

The investigators undertook to analyze a USB key found in the office of Mickaël Harpon, the author of the attack that had been working at the police headquarters since 2003, whose content raises speculation and concerns internally.

“The USB key contains computer data in huge numbers,” says a source close to the survey. “From today, people are requisitioned in all departments … to work on the data of the key,” she adds.

The investigators are working to make a “comprehensive inventory” of the contents of this key, in particular to determine whether images of propaganda of the Islamic State group therein as well as data relating to employees of the police headquarters were related or not to his professional activity.

“It was a computer scientist of the anti-terro at the DRPP (direction of the intelligence of the PP, Ed), when he did the maintenance, he could make copies of the contents of the computers”, wants to relativize a source close to the folder.

Since the attack, many voices accuse the authorities and seek to understand how Mickaël Harpon was able to go under the radar. According to the ministry, he had shown signs of possible radicalization within the Directorate of Intelligence of the Prefecture of Police (DRPP) where he was employed. The opposition, right and extreme right, cries the “state scandal” and demands the departure of Christophe Castaner. A resignation that excluded the person, while recognizing a “state dysfunction”.

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