World Art in Paris: An international art exhibition

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André Fernandez and the traveling gallery “Le Pont des Arts” organized the international exhibition of visual arts “World Art in Paris”, Galerie Etienne de Causans, rue de Seine in Paris (75006).

The exhibition took place from June 11 to 20 and was based on 3 different themes: “Defense of the Planet”, “Women” and “Representations of the World”.

The 3 honorary guests of very different formations are:

  • FRANCOIS MITIC SPIRIDON: Last living surrealist painter, spiritual heir to Salvador Dali, inventor of the “Spiridonist” movement. All the major art critics of the second half of the 20th century (André Parinaud, Robert Descharnes, Roger Peyrefitte, Louis Aragon, Salvador Dali, Katia Granoff, Claire Goll, Desforges…) approved his work, as did all the newspapers of the globe (Washington Post, New York Times, Huston Chronish, Atlanta Journal, Daily Journal, Le Figaro, France Culture, Zurich Zeitung… ). Born blind, he interprets his painting as a vital reflex, a thought in motion, which emerges from the dream, the desire, the will to be. “The blue bird of the planet Gorosane with Dali mustaches” is a Chinese legend parallel to “The Blue Bird and the Mirror”.
  • PATRICIA DE BOYSSON: Painter, sculptor and writer born in Normandy at Ste-Address. After graduating from the Arts Déco in 1970, she studied astrology the following year and realized native themes requested by doctors specializing in neurology.  In 1976, she studied ethnology in Paris, then enrolled in Shia-tsu and Mézière’s method apprenticeships.  Between 1975 and 2001, she was professor of painting, sculpture and drawing. In 2005, she published her first book “La Genèse”, 57 stained watercolors illustrating a text by Jean D’Ormesson entitled “God, His Life, His Work”. Since 2009, she has practiced “art therapy” for adults and children. She has also been president of SBABB (Société des Beaux-Arts de Boulogne-Billancourt) since 2014. Finally, in 2017, the book “Ophélio l’oiseau prodige”, she also produces illustrations, oils and statues. As for her work, after decades of impressionist inspiration, she turned to Realism, a new form of expressionism with caustic humor drawn from theater, music, astrology, ethnology…, engaging the artist to a Symbolism by escaping to a Lyrical Surrealism, as if to stop time.. Present at the gallery of Causse In 1998, she signed her books there.
  • ANA COSTNER: Born in Romania, Ana Costner is a multi-faceted artist ranging from art (painting, writing, music, radio…) to business. As she studied medicine, she decided to stop everything and turn to the theater where she excels in plays as varied as “Fleur de Cactus” by Barillet and Grédy or “The School of Women” by Molière. Thanks to her freedom of mind, she learns the workings of the trade and gets a fashion designer degree by taking evening classes. Since childhood, she has been passionate about writing: poems (“Spontaneous Effusions” in February 2016), children’s tales, (“The Sun’s Ring” in 2016, where she draws illustrations of poems), short stories and then publishes in newspapers and literary journals. She decided to change her life and moved to Paris where she ran a personal service company and a BTP company and continued to devote herself to her passion for poetry and music, leading her to write 2 songs that earned her a SACEM membership in 2016 as a lyricist. She collaborates with 2 composers who prepare EPs for young singers. She then began writing the concepts of television and radio programs and also presented a literary chronicle in Dynamic Radio in 2017-2018. For the past twenty years, painting has been his second passion, but also an alternative way of expressing his emotions; some of his canvases, present in several exhibitions and trade shows in Paris, are listed in the dictionary of AKOUN quotations since 2018. Last year, in October 2019, she decided to publish her first novel “The Limits of Love”, the first part of a trilogy, a psychological thriller in which love, passion, eroticism mingle in all languages on a wide range of colors and flavors. Ana Costner was present at the exhibition rue de Seine to sign her book.

In compliance with the health standards in force (distanciations, wearing a mask, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.), the gallery was open from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to welcome visitors in small groups, by invitation only by appointment. The artists were there to meet the guests and chat with them over a drink, their creations (paintings, sculptures and photos) and the techniques they use. The first visits were able to start on May 26, with some works already on display. However, the exhibitions of Judy Zheng, Lydia Canclaux and Yan Wang, have been postponed. The 17 artists on display, from all over the world, were Amalya Nané Tumaninan, Sidranne, Catherine Canallis, Ayesha Prieto, Pimont Christian, Véronique Faravel, Gil Angelo Gazzoli, Leveque Jean-Christophe, Yuliya Yg, Marc Lecoanet, Liz del pilar, Liu Hongtao, Linjing ZHU, Jacqueline Gallicot-Madar, Donya Motedayen, Ellie Hailwidis, Victoria Zuniga.

The gallery basement was used for photography and Ellie Hailwidis. We discover the universe of Ellie, her favorite colors: red, black, white and her themes: life and death, eroticism and modesty, dreamlike and poetic compositions. His idea is to make women icons by photographing them in contemporary light while exuding romance and beauty. Each photograph is the image of a story. The photos are in the image of the photographer, her life and her training which began with acting lessons with Niels Arestup, John Strasberg (creator of the Actors Studio), Andreas Voutsinas (creator in 1970 of the company “Théâtre des Cinquante-Atelier Andreas Voutsinas” and renamed “Comédie Bastille” in 2001). Having studied cinema, she developed a sense of staging and aesthetics. It was after a tragic event in her life that she found her vocation in 2009, photography. In April 2012 in Paris and in May 2014, she exhibited some of her photographs.

This exhibition takes us on a journey through the painters who exhibit. Thus, Amalya Nané Tumanian uses art as a language for communicating her feelings through life events. It was at the age of 15 that she began her artistic career in Yerevan, Armenia where she was born. She obtained her BA-Industrial Design diploma at YSAFA (Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts) in Yerevan and participated during her studies in numerous local and international group exhibitions, then was elected to a prestigious Union of the arts before moving in the United States where she obtained a doctorate, an MFA – Fine Art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and an M.Ed at Marylhurst University in Lake Oswego (Oregon). Currently, she lives in the United States and exhibits there as in many other countries where she sells her compositions to private and corporate collections. For the figurative and abstract compositions, it is based on sketches of observations and impressions of real events or photographic references that she has taken. His style is a mixture of expressionism and conceptual with the addition of geometric decorative elements to create a unique balance that represents today’s society where technology has become an inseparable part of natural life.

Among the artists representing France, Christian Pimont offers expressionist landscapes and portraits with themes such as individualism, violence, transmission or living together (November 2019). Born in Seine Maritime, he did his secondary and higher studies in Le Havre where he became familiar with the painting he shared with the public during exhibitions. His professional life is divided into 2 parts, the first between 1971 and 1995 where he held positions in advertising and marketing in collaboration with Denise Fayolle of the Prisunic group, whose creations were celebrated during an exhibition at the national center of the industrial creation in Beaubourg in 1988. He then carried out advertising campaigns with Jacques Séguala, the most creative and successful of which (Arcimboldo, la Biche) appears at the Musée de la Publicité in Paris. The second part between 1995 and 2011 is oriented towards business management positions, all directed towards creation and fashion. Since 2011, he has returned to his workshop to find his brushes and his easel full time.

In her world of painting and writing, Sandrine Perez-Périchon aka Sidranne saw her passion born 4 years ago in the Berry, province of George Sand and and fantastic legends, thanks to the Association “Les Ateliers du Moulin” and its president the artist-painter Dominik Salon-Prillot but also to Annick Rochefort, also a painter intre. She then attended the Regard workshop in Paris with Isabelle Guillot-Garnier, who introduced her to drawing, watercolor and pastel. Sidranne’s works are divided into 6 categories: Cosmopolitan, Fauna, Flora, Marines, Stories, More… Some of them are inspired by great painters such as Caillebotte or Durer.

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