“Global security”: a law against freedom of expression and “the rule of law”

Several thousand people were gathered at the appeal of journalists’ unions against the text penalizing the malicious dissemination of images of the police, judged, by its opponents, infringing “freedom of expression” and “l ‘Rule of law’.

Some 15,000 demonstrators rallied in France on Saturday to protest against a bill passed the day before by the National Assembly which notably regulates the dissemination of images of law enforcement agencies.

The Government specifies, however, that the amendment, which rewrites this article, ensures that the freedom to inform is preserved. Despite this, many journalists, human rights groups and opposition political parties believe that the Global Security law is still liberticidal.

In France, some 15,000 people gathered, including 2,000 in Marseille, 1,300 in Montpellier and 1,000 in Poitiers, a police source told AFP.

Gatherings to protest the controversial article 24 of the Global Security bill. The latter was adopted Friday, November 20 at first reading by the National Assembly, with some safeguards added by the government in the face of the controversy.

The first and the main one of about twenty demonstrations planned in France began on the Place du Trocadéro in Paris in the early afternoon, in the middle of a large police force. On the crowded square, many of them “yellow vests”, flutter flags of the PCF, EELV, FO, NPA, a banner of “Extinction rebellion” and another from the Médiapart information site: “Democracy dies in obscurity”.

“Darmacron make us insecure,” read a sign. Among the slogans repeated in a loop: “Everyone wants to film the police” and “the street is ours.” Jean-François Cullafroz, of the CFDT, welcomed the mobilization of the editorial directors of the main media against the controversial article, calling on “our press bosses to take a position” during a meeting scheduled for Tuesday at the ministry of ‘Interior.

For the representative of Human Rights, “Darmanin’s amendment to change Article 24 does not change the intention of breaking the democratic movement.”

Journalists watched over by police officers during the arrest of a young woman during the demonstration against the Global Security law … accused of reducing press freedom. While covering the demonstration against the Global Security Law on the Place du Trocadéro in Paris, this November 21, RT France journalist Meriem Laribi was threatened with arrest by a member of the security forces at the end of the day. afternoon. After a smooth day, clashes broke out earlier between some protesters and the police.

Media journalist Filippo Ortona, who was covering the demonstration in Paris against the Global Security bill on November 21, was thrown to the ground by a policeman’s trifle, during a violent charge that occurred after clashes. The footage was filmed by the cameras of the Ruptly video agency. The rally, which took place at Place du Trocadéro in Paris, turned into a confrontation after projectiles were thrown at the police at the end of the afternoon. These responded with charges and the use of the water cannon.

The National Assembly voted Friday evening the most controversial measure of the proposed law “comprehensive security” penalizing the malicious dissemination of the image of the police. A “dangerous” and “unconstitutional” law said Arnaud Montebourg on Europe 1 on Sunday.

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