Basketball: Toulouse dominate Rennes 91 to 74

The TBC players now have an appointment today for a match in Tours. A final for accession to the second division.

Big game between two somewhat surprisingly teams, with Toulousains who were not expected so high in the standings and Rennes, promoted, also well placed in the championship.

While there are only two matches to play at Toulouse to get a hypothetical rise in PRO B with a final to play on May 11 against Tours, after the players of the pink city eliminated on May 8 Pascal’s team Thibaud.

The elimination of Rennes from the accession race has been official since May 8. Admittedly, the opposite case bordered on a miracle
on a success obtained by a difference of four points, a clear round in the last few meetings with multiple missteps from direct competitors, etc., but all the same, the TBC perfectly avoided the trap, to succeed in eliminating its opponent .

The fateful bend, the one that leads to the upper floor in this case, is in sight, on the rendezvous in Tours today!

All the winners are to be embraced in the same praise, so much so that the collective, homogeneous and conqueror to the envy, did not seem to suffer unduly from the absence of Mike Joseph.

Regarding the sanction imposed on the Guyanese pivot during the match in La Rochelle, Stéphane Dao was also surprised that “the referee at the origin of the suspension for remarks that Mike would have, I say would have, made , or one of those who have been nominated for the game on Tuesday night “.

TBC coach Stéphane Dao, “Nobody saw this match as just a formality, Rennes being one of the big teams in this championship. I am very proud of this performance, especially our second half.”

Pascal Thibaud the Rennes coach said “We have three consistent, interesting quarters even, but the third is catastrophic. Technically, strategically, mentally, we have plunged. The harmful effects of the cut, no doubt … For the rest, our game has similarities with that of Toulouse, but our opponent, who is not the leader by chance, is a cut above, with a good mastery of the game. His rise in power on the rebound attack is significant in more than one way and a success in Tours is quite possible. “

The game of the Occitans is very fluid, playing with the Rennes defense, which can only observe the damage caused by Sahraoui or Thimon.

The players of the pink city manage and control the end of the match, while rotating their workforce and allowing themselves to try at (very) long distance before seeing yet another victory for TBC at home (91-74, final score).

Here are the TBC Bulls ready to face the Touraine this Tuesday May 11 for what promises to be the final of this end of the season, with a final match against Lorient on Sunday May 16.


(20-19, 25-23, 24-11, 22-21); arbitrators: MM. Karroum and El Ouardouni.

For Toulouse BC: Mopsus (3), Gottin (2), Thimon (15), Djambo (17), Kennedy (11), Solle (11), Sahraoui (cap., 13), Mondésir (6), Kouyaté (7 ), Kyungu (6).

For URB: Pamba – Zucchetti (5), Morose (7), Lebrun (5), El Khir (12), Ben Driss (cap., 12), Pellure (6), Condé (18), Mnfir (9 ).

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