By accusing her attacker of rape, this young woman makes us aware of the obstacle course inherent in her demand for justice.

The actress Clémence Baron makes us realize the suffering of a victim which is hers and the psychological destruction that follows. The mother of the young woman and her family are deeply affected.

The indelicate interrogations and the processes of verification follow one another, rummaging in his privacy, making him relive this horror to humiliate him again.

Would there not be a way to formulate more appropriate questions, consistent with the psychology of the victims?
The conclusion – terrible! – is explained to us by the judge: As long as our society (represented by the jurors) does not have the courage to train those who investigate these cases and also to punish the aggressors, we will not be able to change much.

While awaiting trial for 5 years, Louise Leduc, raped under the influence of drugs, is tragically put “on hold” in her life, when this crime has deeply traumatized her.
“That night, they stole something from me. That night, I died continuing to live. I still feel the clammy skin, the gripping fingers and the sadistic laughter.” is released alive, her attacker will be released … for the benefit of the doubt!

This is the case for 90% of complaints for rape of a minor.
An excellent analysis of the consequences of rape and sexual assault that our society does not yet know how to manage well.
Impeccable actors in their role and a well-conducted action.

at 6:45 p.m. at Sham’s Théâtre
Author and director: Clémence Baron
Performers: Clémence Baron, Colin Doucet, Brieuc Dumont de Chassart, Alexis Hubert Demoulin, Caroline Saule, Mathilde Toubeau
La Baronnerie Company

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