Gala charity support for multiple sclerosis

On July 8, the “Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode” organized a charity gala in favor of the “French League against multiple sclerosis”.

AGIPI creates a “domestic violence guarantee” for victims

This year, Muriel Réus, president of “Femme avec …” has decided to join the AGIPI association of which she is an administrator to support victims of domestic violence.

#Metoo more than ever present for Women’s Day

The #Me too movement was born in 2017 following the Harvey Weinstein affair, a film producer accused of sexual violence and harassment against dozens of actresses. It leads to an unprecedented planetary voice around the world, on the relationship between men and women. Likewise, we are witnessing a rise in the policy against domestic violence and incest.

Domestic violence on the rise since the pandemic

The anti-reconciliation bracelet is intended to keep violent spouses and ex-spouses away. There are already nearly a thousand available, first in Angoulême, Bobigny, Douai, Pontoise and Aix-en-Provence. It will be generalized throughout France by December 31.

Catherine Feher shares her passion for cosmetology from the French Riviera

Parisian by birth, Catherine Feher has chosen the Côte d’Azur to settle and develop her dermo-cosmetic range, an anti-aging innovation with highly concentrated active ingredients, ensuring lasting beautification and rejuvenation. After 2 years of medical […]

During confinement, Women with…, Uber and Uber Eats commit themselves against domestic violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has many repercussions on the most vulnerable people but also in families where confinement increases domestic violence in the home. “Staying at home is not knocking on your door!” Is the slogan […]