Global security replaces the yellow vests: 133,000 demonstrators in France according to the Interior, 500,000 for the organizers

The “global security” law did not support by the French, articles 21, 22 and 24 and demand the abandonment of the text, which they consider infringing on “freedom of expression” and “the State by right” .

“Global security”: a law against freedom of expression and “the rule of law”

Several thousand people were gathered at the appeal of journalists’ unions against the text penalizing the malicious dissemination of images of the police, judged, by its opponents, infringing “freedom of expression” and “l ‘Rule of law’.

Murder of Mireille Knoll: the 2 suspects charged for anti-semitic crime

The murder of Mireille Knoll was committed on March 23, 2018 in the 11th district of Paris. This 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, who had Parkinson’s disease, was brutally stabbed at her home on Philippe Auguste Avenue […]