Get out of your cell and your fears, change planet, become free …
On the planet Boa, five young women are frantically moving around Lucie, sick, nailed in her wheelchair.

Lucie dreams. She dreams of a world “without osteoarthritis, neither wrinkle nor cane”.
She wants to travel …
“A little closer to the stars
In the garden of light and silver “, as Gold sings.

She implores her mother to sign the pass, not the sanitary one, but the one to be able to board the N92 shuttle which will take her to Oniri, the free planet, the planet of her dreams. There is an emergency because the next one is in 7 years!
She does not accept her rehabilitation cure. Rather eat chocolate cake and cotton candy!

“I’m not afraid of death,” says Lucie. His responsibility, however, is to stay alive.
But she refuses to live like her mother, mother-whipper, all dressed in black, locked in a frozen life, unable to speak to her children.

She ends up signing the pass …
Immediate boarding for life, letting go and surrender to the universe …
Become a star, jump on cotton clouds … happiness?
Grow! Grow up and laugh about it!

at the Al Andalous theater
Author: collective creation
Staging: collective creation
Performers: Cynthia Curto, Daphné Lanne, Chloé Leroi, Elisa Soulier, Sophie de Villenfagne
Stage manager: Camille Taquoy Ghalem
Les Loges Company

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