Francis of Assisi

A beautifully interpreted “one on stage”. A game of remarkable intensity.

The play begins with admirable poetic evocations on nature and animals.

The actor then reveals to us the philosophy of the Franciscans. Nothing forbids devouring animals. Even though they’re our friends, it’s part of the scheme of things.

In the same spirit, Francis of Assisi explains to us that he also consumed good sister, in particular Saint Clare, whose breasts were “mappemondé”, and whose husband “died conveniently quite quickly”.

Besides, Francis of Assisi preferred “a married woman to a virgin”, it was “more practical”.
Finally, Francis of Assisi tells us the number of Franciscans, Poor Clares, etc. who today have joined these orders around the world.

He makes us aware of this monastic call. Because we can all be Franciscans, Poor Clares or Capuchins in our own way, even without putting on their habit or being holy in the least.
We can easily believe it, even if the average person is not in the habit of sending nuns to each other.

Finally, Francis of Assisi receives the stigmata of Christ in a violent scene that is both mystical and devilishly sensual.
Not sure the Franciscans will appreciate it.

Francis of Assisi
at 11:30 am at the Théâtre des 3 Soleils
Author: after Joseph Delteil
Director: Adel hakim
Performer: Robert Bouvier
Passage Company

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