After the agents of the City of Paris, the garbage collectors and the sewer workers in the street

The agents of the City of Paris demonstrated against the increase in working hours on May 20. About 2,000 city hall agents have already marched between the town hall of the 11th district and the Town Hall.

The movement continued with cleaners and sewer workers. At the call of the CGT, May 22 was a day of strike and demonstrations in the public service.

Waste collection has been disrupted in several districts of the capital following a strike by cleaners since May 25. The latter, joined by the sewer workers, protested against the reform of the transformation of the civil service. This major strike affected the collection as well as the sweeping and treatment of bulky items, especially since the movement is being extended for several days.

The law provides for the end of local exceptions, particularly in terms of working time. Its application would reduce the annual working time of City officials from 1,552 to 1,607 hours, to stick to 35 hours. One change is equivalent to eight days less leave for officers. hopes to find ways so that agents do not lose in the exchange. A change that equates to eight days less leave for agents. The town hall hopes to find ways so that the agents do not lose in the change.


The reform must be applied on January 1, 2022, everywhere in France. Anne Hidalgo requested an exemption from the Minister of Public Service Amélie de Montchalin at the end of April. The answer was negative.

Tuesday, May 25, nearly 200 strikers occupied the Town Hall for part of the day. Some have even invested the roof and the courtyard equipped with smoke bombs. The police had to intervene in the face of this static demonstration. A rather disproportionate and aggressive response to disperse the sewer workers and garbage collectors, present on the spot !. We deplore 2 injured among the demonstrators including 1 garbage collector victim of a broken wrist and a sprained knee. A pregnant woman was pushed around and assaulted.

During negotiations with the Town Hall, the unions refuted the increase in working hours. They ask to take into account the arduous nature of certain trades, including garbage collectors and sewer workers. This affects more than 70% of the actors of the worker sector of the Cleanliness of Paris (DPE). In front of them, the City of Paris retorted “not to be at the initiative of this law”. She “disapproves of the goals, but” has no choice but to implement.

The CGT Waste treatment, cleaning, water, sewage and sanitation of the City of Paris continued the movement Wednesday, despite negotiations. She asked the employees to observe a one hour strike.

Second demonstration of the intersyndicale

On May 27, the intersyndicale called for a new demonstration between the town hall of the 13th arrondissement, place d´Italie, and the Hôtel de Ville. The slogan was always the same: “Not a minute more!”. Among the demonstrators were also museum workers.

Another mobilization will take place on June 15.

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