Knight’s Cross of the Legion of Honor for Marie Bardot

On July 9, Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse, awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honor to Marie Bardot, artist and president of the “Diamant” association.

Who is Marie Bardot?

Marie Bardot is a protean artist. We find her as much singer, author as painter or poet. She is also a producer of music and shows. In another area, she has been an energy therapist, sophrologist, magnetizer and medium since 1995.

A teacher by training, she was a French teacher in England, in Gravesend in Kent, then an English-French teacher in Auvergne. In 1991, she moved to Toulouse where she became Project Manager in communication and personal development at the Regional Social Security Training Center.

His daughter, Lily was born in 1997 with autism. Mary will have to endure the trials of a mother whose child is afflicted with this disease. She has to deal with dropping out of school and then with her daughter’s psychiatric internment and loses her job. Little Lily will not be able to leave the Medical Educational Institute (IME) until 2012. It is from this date that her mother takes care of her on a daily basis.

Marie Bardot’s fighting spirit encouraged her to create the “Diamant” association in 2003. Its goal is to facilitate the integration of autistic people with others. “They deserve it and they are entitled to it,” she said.

The action of Marie Bardot and the association “Diamant”

Thanks to her association, Marie Bardot acts to improve the lot of autistic people. To make herself heard, she addressed successive governments by sending 87 letters and a petition collecting 12,000 signatures. Its action has enabled 4 government plans allowing autistic people to be better treated, better received and better respected. But much remains to be done.

In July 2017, President Emmanuel Macron and his wife responded to his letter, encouraging both his fight, his musical and his ABA school.

A multi-faceted artist, she puts all her talents at the service of the association through concerts, exhibitions and conferences.

His gifts as a medium in the service of others

In 1995, a clairaudience message warned her about the birth of her daughter: “She will be autistic, do you want to welcome her and treat her?” Others in automatic writing, tell her of her gifts to treat on site or remotely. . This is how she becomes an energetician, magnetizer and medium.

The first message tells her that she is “Sunbird” and asks her to light a candle. The wax melts and draws a dove on the glass plate; there will be 700 in total. All these messages give him the inspiration to realize his paintings generally painted on silk. It is a material with which she identifies, it represents, just like her, softness, femininity, transformation, sensuality, luxury. The golden setting of the illuminations is imbued with the sacred.

Marie Bardot painter

Marie Bardot has exhibited in many international exhibitions, in Paris (Fouquet’s, Pierre Cardin salon, Le Grand Palais) and in France (Montauban, Metz, Marseille …). Its fame has gone beyond our borders going to Japan (Okinawa, Tomazawa), Cambodia, Belgium (Brussels), China (Shanghai), Italy. Thanks to her talent, she has won numerous prizes, the latest being the Vincent Van Goghn International Art Prize in Leccen in December 2011. She is also departmental vice-president of the International Academy of Arts and Letters of France.

In addition, Marie and her daughter took part in the Miami international art competition which selected “The end of autism. The flight towards the light”. It is about a work of “Sunbird”, of 2m by 1m60 in illuminated silk. The other chosen work belongs to Lily; it represents intersecting hearts, illustrated by acrylic painting and Svarovsky crystals.

Marie Bardot singer-songwriter and poet

Songwriter under the name of “Sunbird”, Marie Bardot wrote many texts allowing her to declaim successful poems, In 2011, she received 10 awards and diplomas:

  • Honorary diploma of musical poetry in Cursi (Italy)
  • Sully Prud’homme Prize in Beauvoisin (Var)
  • Prize for neoclassical poetry in Biscarrosse (Landes)
  • Le Bleuet international in Essars (Pas-de-Calais)
  • 3 of his poems were published in the 2011 edition of the “Florilège des poètes francophones”, published by the Society of Authors and Poets of the Francophonie.

As a producer and singer, Sunbird produced in 2010 a CD-DVD album, “Le Baiser de l’Ange”, for free preview and for sale on the Internet. She also organizes shows and has imagined a spiritual, humanitarian, artistic musical, “Gold and Autism”. His wish is to publicize it with financial aid. Today, the Covid has stopped rehearsals and the show is not on.

The “Diamant” association

Since the creation of the association in 2003, Marie Bardot has organized shows and conferences to raise public awareness. However, she does not share the opinion of the doctors who think that one remains autistic all his life. “Even if one cannot say anything about autism, everything remains to be discovered”. “Autistic people can surprise …”

The association bears the name of “Diamond”, a tribute to the purity, to the preciousness of these autistic children. “They force us to enter another world, filled with suffering, violence and terror according to the stage of the disease. Love is the medicine of these children.” The more we surround them, the more we secure them, the more we value them, the more we love them and the more they accept to leave their fortress, to smile at life, at others and to love in turn. You have to devote a lot of time to them and always have hope ….

After the creation of 13 educational workshops for autistic people, she has a “Sunlily Love” project. Autistic people will be able to experience several trades there while being in the midst of others.

The rewards of Marie Bardot and the association “Diamant”

Between 2004 and 2011

Marie Bardot has received numerous awards, whether for herself or for her association.

  • Silver and vermeil medals by SEAB, Society for the Encouragement of Good.
  • Civic Virtues Medals. 2004 and 2009
  • Trophies for personalities from the Journal Toulousain. Charity of the year. 2007
  • Innovation Prize for paintings that heal and the voice that heals (CD) at the Salon de Blagnac (31), for “Art in the service of a humanitarian cause: autism”.
  • Bronze medal by Arts Sciences et Lettres
    Reward of men and women of value for his humanitarian action and his artistic works. 2011
  • GOLD medal of the SEAB, Société d’Encouragement au Bien. * Distinction received for his civic and social example in favor of his neighbor “Let us love each other, help each other”. 2011.
  • Major Donor Diploma, Honorary Diploma. Support for Solidarity and Heritage. Dedication to social works. 2011.
  • Silver medal by the Society for the Encouragement of Progress (SEP), in the Senate. Awarded two medals for her humanitarian action, her energetic care and her artistic works in favor of autistic people. 2011.

Between 2012 and 2019

  • Diploma of Honor from the city of Essars. Merit volunteering and dedication. 2012.
  • Cultural merit award. Diploma of honor. Weightings. 2013.
  • Silver medal of the European Star of Civil and Military Dedication. UNESCO. 2013
  • Special Prize for Human Rights. Italia del Arte. 2013.
  • Silver and Gold Medal for Volunteer Work. (National action). 2012 and 3 2014.
  • Echelon Gold associative medal of honor for volunteer services, civic works. 2014
  • French Merit and Dedication: Silver medal. 2014
  • Palme d’Or Civic and Dedication. National Association ANT-TRN (National Association of Holders of the Title of Recognition of the Nation). 2015.
  • Philanthropic merit. Silver medal. Mons en Baroeud. 2014
  • Order Lafayette. Knight’s Diploma. October 13, 2014. Nelson Mandela Italia del Arte Human Rights Ambassador Award. 2014
  • Star of Good and Merit Silver Medal. 2015
  • Silver medal from the Universal League of Public Good and Chevalier de l’Ordre Lafayette “To live to serve”
  • Medal of Honor for voluntary service. Grade Silver. 2016
  • European Star of Civil and Military Dedication. Gold medal. 2016
  • Philanthropic merit. Gold medal. Mons en Baroeud. 2016.
  • Blueberry International. Diploma of honor. Gold medal. Autism. 2016
  • Encouragement of dedication and volunteerism. Silver medal. Altruism, humanitarian acts 2016
  • Bronze medal from the City’s Ministry of Youth and Sports. . Volenteering. 2016
  • GOLD Medal for Autism. Humanitarian works. Awards Committee. Mons en Baroeud. 2017.
  • Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor for his relentless fight, for many years, for the rights to care and education of autistic children in France, 2019

Marie Bardot’s therapies

Marie Bardot offers treatments as a magnetiser, energetician and sophrologist. It offers one-hour sessions that begin with a dialogue. The person exposes his problems, his medical history, his emotional shocks, affective, the tests crossed. Thanks to this, the therapist frees the person from his physical and psychological blockages. It continues with a magnetism session by laying on of hands and a rebalancing of energies (body and chakras).

The session ends with digitopuncture, chromotherapy (treatment with colors), crystal therapy (treatment with crystals), an energetic massage and thanks to his talents as a medium, possibility of channeling (previous lives – mediumistic communications – protection).

It is also possible to perform remote care, based on a photograph. To do this, you must send a photo with your name, first name and the disorder you are suffering from. Send everything to the association by enclosing a check payable to the association. Response upon receipt.

The amount of the sessions is entirely paid to the “Diamant” association.

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