Elite 1 female: Victoire de Blagnac 13 to 8

It is certain that there will be a before and an after Covid. These long months of scarcity, uncertainty, and waiting, will have had as a positive effect, a reflection, a deep introspection of the clubs.

The regulations provided for roadblocks between the teams classified second and third in the hens, the health situation upset the schedule.

The FFR preferring to qualify the first two of each pool directly for the last square. What to offer us. The last day was decisive in determining the order of the first two in each pool for June 13th.

The MRC Beetles bowed on the lawn of Blagnac, one of their main rivals for the title

A half hour. This is the time it took for the Hérault women to win their very first duel in the alignment, yesterday, in the suburbs of Toulouse, where, notwithstanding the rain, the public, a forerunner of the very near final phase, had come. in number.

The dream of a 100% Garonne final came to an end on Sunday afternoon.
If the overtaking of Toulouse by Romagnat on the finish line of the play-off is a surprise as huge as it is unpleasant, on the other hand, the success of Blagnac Rugby Féminin, does not require any in-depth analysis as the pressure put on the winners of the last three editions (2017, 2018, 2019) has been strong.

Montpellier, which goes almost an hour without registering a single point, has not happened in ages.

4, 5 and 6, these are the numbers worn respectively by Audrey Forlani, Amélie Mugnier and Axelle Berthoumieu. The equivalent of the Golden Triangle provided a very, very high level of performance, to the point of disconcerting the yet experienced Mignot, N’Diaye, Boujard and others, not very visible on the Hérault side. Less in any case than Rose Bernadou. The right-hander has lived up to her international stripes, neither “Coco” Lindelauf nor Célia Domain being the first to come in terms of closed scrum.

Not only does Blagnac restore the balance in the scrum despite a very good performance from Rose Bernadou, but the many faults on both sides have resulted in a sort of endless status quo. For the first time in a long time, the legendary “ladybirds” will pass half time without registering a single point! And, what’s more, without securing significant chances so much pressure will be put on their rivals.

Blagnac only sheltering from a winning kick (10-8, then 13-8) in the money-time and precisely in favor of a successful penalty by Audrey Abadie. No worries, even if the injuries to Vanthournout and Boujard do not give cause for optimism.

This “surprise” result has the direct consequence of sending the vice champions of France 2019 to find Blagnac in the semi-finals! An XXL derby that should make sparks. After the performance of the Blagnacaises, very smart would be the one who could say who will qualify for the grand final.

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