International mobilization for health this Saturday, May 29 in Paris: “SOS international for health”

Sixty organizations in ten countries have called for more funding for hospitals, as well as an end to austerity and bed reduction programs.

On Saturday, caregivers will be on the streets again in Europe. To express anger shared elsewhere in Europe: “health has a cost, but it is priceless”.

“SOS international pour la santé, let’s defend equal access to quality care”: several hundred caregivers and hospital employees demonstrated, Saturday May 29 in Paris, as part of a protest movement carried out simultaneously in ten countries.

The participants, who brandished slogans such as “Public hospital in vital emergency”, “White coat, black anger”, or “Sacrificed patients, disgusted caregivers”, gathered in front of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, before everyone set off in the direction of the Town Hall.

While the sun is making its comeback on our country, many people take the opportunity to get some fresh air and have a good time in the sun.

With the pandemic, “we are all exhausted, but what is terrible is that, despite the Covid, hospitals are still terribly lacking in resources,” said Doctor Sophie Crozier, one of the spokespersons of the collective organizer.

A sun that brings the crowds together while no less than nine demonstrations were expected this Saturday in Brussels including the famous Boom 3 at Bois de la Cambre which was however banned by the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close (just like the other demonstrations to be hold in the same place).
Around 3 p.m. it was at the Mont des Arts that 1,500 people were present to participate in the second edition of the demonstration for health. The only gathering authorized this Saturday in Brussels.

For the rest the situation is much calmer than what had been announced. The overflows are currently to be noted on the side of the European district.

The two rallies, which took place peacefully, with large numbers of police but stationed at a distance from the Bois de la Cambre kiosk, attracted opponents of the vaccines from several European countries. The Dutch were particularly numerous, some of whom carried yellow umbrellas with slogans such as “peace” and “love”. But some of them wore the fatigues of the Dutch army – even the full uniform – and a beret, the Belga agency found on the spot. Supporters of Donald Trump also came to join these rallies.

Thousands of anti-abortion protesters marched through the streets in Croatia on Saturday, as abortion rights supporters watched, worried about possible tougher laws.

Protesters in Zagreb, most of whom wore no masks, waved Croatian flags and sang patriotic songs, parading behind banners such as “Unborn Lives Matter, Too” (babies’ lives before birth also matter) in reference to the slogan Black Lives Matter.

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