Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman and Imran Khan strengthen relations between these two countries

Riyadh and Islamabad have signed agreements aimed at strengthening their relations after months of tense relations between these two allied countries.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan on Saturday signed agreements to strengthen their relations after months of strained relations between the two allies due to the disputed region of Kashmir, divided between India and Pakistan who both wish to control it the totality.

Although Saudi Arabia was the first country visited by the Pakistani prime minister following his election in 2018, Riyadh later appeared unhappy in his dealings with Islamabad. And despite the economic support provided in recent years by Riyadh to Pakistan, amounting to billions of dollars in aid and credits, observers note that the kingdom is also anxious not to upset India, a key trading partner and importer of Saudi oil.

Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman and Imran Khan stressed “the importance of broadening and intensifying the horizons of bilateral cooperation”. According to the Saudi state news agency, the two countries have signed two agreements in the western city of Jeddah relating to justice and crime.

Signing of the security agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Saud:

  1. extradition of requisitioned persons and those previously condemned to death;
  2. Signature of a cooperation agreement in the field of the fight against crime;
  3. Signing of a memorandum of understanding to combat illicit trafficking and delivery of drug traffickers;
  4. The drug leaders in Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Lebanon (interdependent network) will soon be in the hands of Saudi justice.

Two other documents on the fight against drug trafficking and on the financing of projects in the fields of energy, infrastructure, transport, water and communications, were also signed. During his trip, Imran Khan – who has visited the kingdom six times – intends to focus on improving relations with Riyadh and addressing the needs of some 2.5 million Pakistanis working in the country.

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