Various sports in Sancy

Superbesse and Le Mont Dore, the two winter sports resorts in Sancy are open, but the ski lifts are closed. Just like the bars and restaurants throughout France.

As of this week, various sports began to be practiced there.
Walking, snowshoeing, Nordic or cross-country skiing on the snow-covered paths around the resorts, sledding, practiced by children and also adults.

As for the slopes of the resorts, they are not deserted. Couples or groups attack the mountains in various ways.

Some put on snowshoes on their feet and, when they got there, put them in their rucksacks from where they extract a pair of skis. They put them on and, the galley, they go on rotations, ollie, mute, black flip, daffy and other tricks.

Others, better equipped, venture to the top of the resort on touring skis. On the way up, the heels are free and seal skins under the skis prevent slipping backwards. On the descent, the heel is blocked by the binding and we go back to classic ski mode.

We also meet, but more rarely, because the equipment is expensive, athletes on “splitboards”.
These are special snowboards which split in two to transform into “touring skis” and whose two parts are blocked on the descent.

You still need to be in good physical condition to withstand the climbs which require more effort than holding the pole of a buttock or grabbing a chair lift.

To reach the top of Sancy, for a trained person, it takes about an hour and a half!
Let’s not talk about the cable car or the gondolas which are an easy solution without much merit.

These are the various sports that can be practiced in Sancy during a pandemic period.

However, we can doubt that they arouse the enthusiasm of the crowds and it will be necessary to wait for the possible reopening of the ski lifts on January 20 so that the winter sports resorts begin to live again, which will then have found their restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. Everything schuss!

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