How to transform your body with TDM

Thanks to its personalized programs, TDM (Training Diet Max) offers its clients to transform their body according to their desires.

How was TDM born?

One of the 2 founders of TDM wanted to transform his figure. He decides to turn to a coach who can help him follow a balanced diet and a sports program based on personalized exercises.

After more than convincing results and professional training, he decided with his co-founder to design a new concept of personalized programs. Mixture of diet / physical activity, the programs represent 80% diet and 20% training.

After 3 years of existence, TDM now offers 5 tailor-made programs: Diet, Training, Diet and Training for 1, 2 (Duo) or 3 (Trio) people. It is possible to readjust your program but not more than 2 times. In addition, follow-up is provided by 3 qualified coaches, 7 days a week.

Who are TDM programs for?

Anyone over the age of 16 can take a TDM program. For weight loss, there are 3 months. To be more muscular, add 2 to 3 months (4 to 5 months for a mass gain). Finally to “dry” (-5kg), it takes a maximum of 2 months. The clientele is 70% male against 30% female (particularly in summer and during promotions). There is also a special program for those over 50.

For the moment, the concept is in French, it is developing in Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium but also in Great Britain, Italy and Germany for French speakers), in Canada, in Miami, in Australia. In Africa, the Maghreb countries and Egypt are also interested. In the Middle East, the target market is more dietetics and related products.

TDM programs

Each program is developed by a qualified coach, and is adapted to each morphology. It meets the needs of the client and consists of a nutritional program and an adapted sports program.

The food program is based on a method of calculating and reorganizing macronutrients It includes healthy foods, to be taken at the right time of the day for a perfect distribution of macros in the body. This avoids storage and the yoyo effect as with other diets.

The sports program is designed to transform your body according to your needs. It is based on the client’s objectives (weight loss, mass gain, volume thighs / buttocks, lean …). Physical activities help to regulate energy expenditure and obtain a firmer and more muscular silhouette to feel better in his body. The method determines the daily caloric expenditure as well as the additional expenditure

Once the goal is reached, you can readjust your program and target other transformations.

How to register?

To get your personalized program, finalized in 48 hours by a coach, you just have to fill out a form and add 2 photos.

The first part allows you to develop the program with as much information as possible, taking into account your energy needs.

The second allows you to know the desired number of trainings, taking into account any health problems that could affect your physical transformation.

How to apply your personalized program?
We see the first results following rapid monitoring of the program 7 days a week and the coach’s remote support. TDM’s Instagram and Snapchat pages offer tips and information to help you better achieve your goal.

For an evolution that is too slow or too fast, contact TDM, 7 days a week in order to obtain a quick solution

Lose weight after 50

There is a special program for “seniors” thanks to a healthy and balanced diet (starchy foods, vegetables, meat, fruit) but rich in protein.

After fifty, many “seniors” tend to be overweight. Muscle masses turn into fatty masses and the body no longer functions like a young person’s. A restrictive diet should therefore be avoided. As they age, people are prone to undernutrition, depression and aging, not to mention possible cardiovascular disease.

What are the foods to favor?

Favor red meat (beef, mutton, horse) or white meat (veal), a food rich in protein, but also poultry (turkey, chicken, duck). Eggs are another option. You can also incorporate fish, whether lean (preferably) or fatty (tuna, salmon, herring, eel). These bring the necessary lipids to the body.

To avoid loss of bone tone, use fat-free milk or plant-based milk such as soy, rice or almond milk.

Fruits provide vitamins. Apple, papaya, melon, watermelon and bananas are recommended.

You can eat the vegetables at will. They provide fiber and are low in calories; their consumption helps to rejuvenate the skin. This is the case with broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, zucchini or celery and salad. Do not forget the dried vegetables (lentils, chickpeas…).

Avoid fried, fatty (cold cuts) or industrial foods, sodas and alcohol. Water is the best ally (2 liters per day), whether tap, mineral or spring. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and promotes good blood pressure. You also need to rest and sleep well to avoid metabolic dysfunction.

Sport practice

After 50 years, the energies are reduced, hence a gentle practice of sport with less intense bodybuilding exercises. Push-ups (for legs, buttocks, abs, back, arms and forearms), jump rope, lunges (for ankles, calves, thighs, hips and abdominals) are recommended as are walking or jogging. feet and swimming (for the whole body).

The TDM store

In order to continue your sports program more easily, TDM offers accessories to order on the site: Pack of 17 home training pieces, connected smart watch, connected scale, anti-cellulite electro-stimulating suction cup, EMS FULL BODY muscle stimulator, pads spare parts for EMS stimulator (10), abdominal wheel, jump rope, weight training gloves, jump rope with counter, sports mat and push-up handles).

The future

TDM programs are well structured and adapt well to the needs of athletes. Interested in the concept, a great French footballer would be ready to resume it soon. Negotiations are underway. Case to be continued ..!

For any information, you can consult the TDM, Snapchat or Instagram site.


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