The art of “being chocolate”

This is the story of the watered sprinkler. Rose, 30, has been married for ten years and has two children. The table should be perfect. Yes but no. Her husband François works a lot. Although his love for her is still so intense, he shows too little attention to his wife, according to her. Also, to fill her emotional gaps, she lives an extra marital relationship. And not with just anyone since she has chosen Elie, her husband’s best friend and partner, as her lover. This adultery seems to fill her. One evening, while waiting for her beloved, what is her surprise to discover a burglar in her living room. A situation which should have worried her, but which, on the contrary, will settle her affairs while her husband comes home.

A large door then opens onto a succession of bizarre scenarios. First a burglar, Justin is pilloried; his guilt leaving no room for doubt. But he too will quickly know how to take advantage of the circumstances. With a masterful hand, he turns the tables in his favor and; the culprit caught in the act giving way to a poor victim. Returning to the juggling game of this masquerade, he will dress become the one who manipulates, then the one who takes control of this imbroglio of lies to profit from it. Like what, “to be considered an idiot with the eyes of fools is indeed a gourmet pleasure”. Playing around and blackmailing isn’t everyone’s job. The idiot is not always the one it seems. But in this Sioux ruse, who will have the most to lose?

Fallacia (deception in Latin), a “Feydeaulesque” play by Clémence Baron. A comedy in the art of vaudeville whose text has just been published by Editions Les Cygnes. Twists as we like them which hold in suspense the well-paced story directed by Caroline Saule. With Clémence Baron (Rose), Brieuc Dumont (François), Colin Doucet (Elie), Alexis Hubert (Justin) and Caroline Saule (Julia). At the Théo Théâtre every Saturday at 7 p.m. from reopening in December 2020 and for three months.

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