Leisure transformed into style and art

Goulwen Birot, originally from the Pays de Loire, was born in Nantes on March 30, 1990, where he spent his childhood. He is captivated by the travel accounts of a grandfather – a long-distance sailor – and part of his family residing in the tropics, where he has visited on several occasions.

Serious health problems from his earliest childhood led him to forge a character that was both strong and filled with hope and tenderness.

From this arose a need to express his joie de vivre, his good humor and his desire to win. He uses bright and contrasting colors, a vigorous line not exempt from sweetness, characters and faces with strong expressions, radiant with life and filled with a certain charisma that each have a story to tell.

There are some opposing aspects between the different influences. Goulwen, a strong, independent, authoritarian, active, enterprising being, very focused on the concrete and pragmatic field, is above all interested in his pleasure in art and his hobbies …

It is a sign of compassion, humanity, selflessness, and it is the greatest expression of absolute love. Goulwen is also emotional, sensitive, idealistic, being capable of dedication, generosity and sacrifice. His friendship is based on people who share the same interests or ideals as him.

Goulwen never completely loses the notion of realities, above all keeping his feet on the ground and knowing, where necessary, how to safeguard his own interests. Moreover, even when he participates in collective or group activities, he remains apart, given his very strong individuality.

Gifted with courage, energy and will, he is a little too inclined to think that what he can do, others can too … This is why he finds many lazy people around him.

As a child, he is very ambitious, hardly accepts secondary roles and seeks to surpass himself or to surpass himself in order to be recognized, despite his handicap. He is nonetheless shy, which he often makes up for with a brash side.

He took these first steps to become a stylist after having studied at the Baugerie in Nantes in Loire-Atlantique, the fashion profession. “I didn’t continue otherwise I would have given ESMOD Paris a try,” Goulwen explains.

“I have several strings to my bow, I love painting (…) and I am also passionate about decoration”.

“I have always drawn and painted from a young age” … “painting, music, exhibitions, design, decoration and a lot of other things, they are part of my hobbies”.

Looking through his prism of selflessness and the character he has, we see and discover that regardless of the suffering that has been in place since childhood, he has not closed in on him. Rather, he found the inspiration and the strength to unfold there.

Messenger of art and painting, he is little known in France, which is not the case abroad. He had the chance to exhibit his paintings in Shanghai (China).

The artist has attempted, through his last three paintings, to exhibit state and harmony. He shows his sensitive point but also his imagination in plastic art. Explaining that each painting has a different meaning in which it represents the point of evolutionary transgression (diversity, a new world, technology), it signifies spirituality and the moments when the artist crosses the sphere of a world lived parallel to his own.

Looking at the first painting, we discover a world parallel to reality, a world in which today’s diversity is so vast. Whatever the moments lived or exposed in their real value, the world remains an incomprehensible epicenter, in a diverse and unlimited universe. The artist’s terrestrial space remains the influence on which he bases his diversity.

This notion refers to the difference, the variety, the abundance of distinct things or the dissimilarity. Diversity is the friendliness and interaction between different societies. The existence of multiple cultures is considered an important asset for humanity as it contributes to knowledge. Diversity refers to the immense variety of living things that inhabit the planet over millions of years of evolution. The balance depends on the preservation and existence of several orientations and identities.

The new world, the second painting, symbolizes rebirth and victory after several obstacles. The spirit of reconstruction, the strength to overcome, to go through any ordeal or even to express the birth and immortality of a world, a soul or a human breath. The artist refers to life, to existence, to moments lived and to humanity. We are living these extremely demanding times around the world, where every state and citizen has a proven track record in overcoming this pandemic. At the same time, I would interpret each exhibition of the artist as a lived and conquered proof, exposed in his creation.

The third work of art, has a technological name, “robotika” – an element constructed by man, in works of science fiction, a machine with a human aspect, capable of moving, of performing operations, to speak.

I wonder what went through the artist’s mind when creating this painting.

Is he trying to convey technological reality to me or his own life?

All I want to believe is that he is trying to explain to me that I should be happy to exist and that I am not a robot to be guided automatically I can have the power to decide, to do and to to be, seeing that today everything can appear technologically on the market, and that everything can exist whatever its nature.

Goulwen, has a boundless imagination, a sense of spherical art, a supernatural artistic value, an inter-physical vision, passing through the visible and invisible limit, living every moment of sensitivity, love, gratitude, but also the opposite of existence, omnipresent, in both artistic and creative abstraction.

Through the art and value exhibited in his works, Goulwen conveys the message of being content with every moment of his life, valuing time and seeing everything as a blessing. If one day you learn that an art gallery is exhibiting Goulwen’s works, don’t hesitate to visit him to be enchanted by the world and the glamor of his art.

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