Fabrice Ribeyrolles’ ASM Romagnat in the Women’s Elite 1 final: “It’s a real pride, after 20 years”

The players of ASM Romagnat Rugby are back in the semi-finals of the French championship more than 20 years after their last appearance, thus concretizing the excellent work of Fabrice Ribeyrolles.

ASM Romagnat offered Montpellier, the reigning three-time French champion, this Saturday, in the semi-final of the French championship (20-16). The final, next Sunday, will oppose the Auvergnates to Blagnac.
A feat. A huge achievement. ASM Romagnat really hit hard this Saturday in Toulouse. The Auvergnats simply beat Montpellier, the three-time defending French champion (20-16), at the end of a semi-final full of twists and turns, sometimes tough, intense until the last moments.

The beautiful story continues for the Gabriagues partners. ASM Romagnat has moved up to Elite 1 Women for five years and is in the final of the French championship. Another story and another challenge await the Auvergnates, next Sunday, in Blagnac.

A great week ahead for a fast-learning ASM team. Against the seven-time French champion and his cohort of eleven internationals, Tounesi and Coudert missed nothing. Used for years to play these high level matches, Montpellier has fallen from high and from its pedestal.

The Auvergne have never ceased to make life difficult for the Hérault women contained on the bases, jostled in defensive duels, marked in the areas of rucks as well. Yes, Montpellier had more possession during the first act, but the use of this abundance of ammunition left something to be desired.

Fabrice Ribeyrolles’ ASM Romagnat in the Women’s Elite 1 final: “It’s a real pride, after 20 years”

ASM Romagnat defended first, like Lazarko’s decisive return to Banet. An action of the first importance and which says it all about the match delivered by the “jaundices” who played Montpellier eye to eye. Amédée’s foot on one side and Trémouliere’s on the other therefore fueled the score until this flash in the Auvergne in the dying moments of the first act.

The Auvergne have got their hands on the match

Without seeming to touch it, but with clairvoyance and accuracy, ASM Romagnat began to tip the game on his side. Sgorbini’s excellent work thus enabled Perraudin to give the score a different face (13-6) and in the process put a strain on the morale of somewhat incredulous Hérault women.

The start of trouble for N’Diaye’s partners who gave in a second time on a ball carried by Thomas (20-9, 51st). ASM Romagnat got their hands on the match, but the last ten minutes will be a long one against an opponent who is outraged and able to take his place to the end (20-16).

With the energy of despair and the desire not to give up a single meter of ground, the Auvergnates fiercely defend their victory and their place in the final.

Datasheet :

  • TOULOUSE (Ernest-Wallon Stadium). ASM Romagnat beats Montpellier 20-16 (half-time: 13-6). Warm weather. Arbitrators, Ms. Domenjo (Île-de-France) assisted by Ms. Roelandt and Ms. Desriaux.
    Dots. ASM Romagnat: two tries by Perraudin (40th), Thomas (51st); two conversions and two penalties from Trémouliere (18th, 40th).
  • Montpellier: a test by Baccichet (73rd); a transformation from Peyronnet and three penalties from Amédée (10th, 35th, 45th).
    Temporary exclusion. Montpellier: Bujard (80th).

ASM Romagnat. Tremouliere; Perraudin, Pignot, Gincourt, Guermit; (o.) Coudert, (m.) Left-handed; Sgorbini, Gabriagues (cap), Chèze; Tounesi, Shelford; Ferrari, Lazarko, Prat.
Entered: Thomas, Roux, Pellegris, Vidal, Toure, Menanteau, Ribeyrolles, Ferrari.

Montpellier. Boujard; Banet, Ménager M., Peyronnet, Baccichet; (o) Amédée, (m.) Troncy; Gros, N’Diaye (cap.), Touye; Tchouta, Combebias; Bernadou, Sochat, Ait Lahbib.
Entered: Mignot, Temimi, Roue, Chazalette, Pegot, Lenoir, Béranger, Kehiha.

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