Gala charity support for multiple sclerosis

On July 8, the “Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode” organized a charity gala in favor of the “French League against multiple sclerosis”. This cocktail was held as an official preview of the launch of the second edition of the “Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode”. A charity dinner and auction will take place in October. For the first edition, the journal supported TED (Thyroid Eye Deasis), an association which fights against thytoid diseases.

The Little Echo of Art and Fashion “

Le Petit Écho de la Mode is a French weekly women’s magazine, founded in 1878. A year later, Charles de Penanster, senator from Côtes-du-Nord, and his wife, née Claire Le Roux, took it over. “Le Petit Journal de la Mode” becomes “Le Petit Echo de la Mode”. The success was dazzling, reaching 300,000 copies in 1900 and more than a million and a half every week in 1950, before disappearing in 1983.

The magazine has known different names from 1880 to the present day:

“Petit Echo de la Mode” from 1880 to 1955
“Echo of Fashion” from 1955 to 1977
“Small Echo of Fashion / Women of Today from 1977 to 1983

The Little Echo of Fashion

In 1880, Claire de Penanster became editor-in-chief under the pseudonym of Baronne de Clessy. The newspaper, sold at a low price, is a practical, family-owned weekly, primarily aimed at women. The editorial line is closer to social Catholicism.

The guiding principle of the magazine is fashion, the symbolism of which can be found on the cover. There are also themes from daily life including embroidery, cooking, education, good manners, furnishing advice. This journal gives tips and tricks for improving life.

The 4 main areas of the magazine

  • clothing: an inserted pattern makes it possible to dress the whole family in the latest Parisian fashion, with the fabrics we have on hand, from 1893;
  • culinary: cooking recipes can be concocted with inexpensive and balanced ingredients;
  • sanitary and hygienic: “grandmother’s remedies” avoid going to the doctor and therefore incurring heavy expenses;
  • cultural: articles allow the whole family to learn about the arts, sciences and history. In fact, in the 20th century, culture is no longer reserved only for the elite of society.

There are also contests, contests or episodic novels in detachable form from 1887. Between July 1919 and 1936, the newspaper took an interest in children, by publishing a special review, “Guignol,” Cinéma des Enfants “.

Echo of Fashion

Very quickly, the newspaper was a great success, which in 1955 made it one of the most important of the time. It was then that he became “L’Echo de la mode” in the bosom of the “Editions de Montsouris” group, whose prints represent 50% of the French press. However, the number of prints fell during the 1960s. The magazine disappeared in the mid-1970s despite the efforts of Raymond Loewy. He then joined “Women of Today”, who died a few years later.

New publications

“Echo of Art and Fashion” and “Little Echo of Art and Fashion” are creations by Luigi Di Donna, fashion photographer and publisher.

In 2012, he created “Red Collector”, an ultra high-end biannual which reinterprets the worlds of luxury houses through a cinema icon. He then released in 2015 “L’Absolu”, a Mook / luxury magazine dedicated to the world of Formula 1. Each Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​the occasion for the publication of a specific edition, around fifteen in the year.

In May 2018, Luigi Di Donna launched a new project dedicated to the world of automotive and watchmaking: “Signature”. Unique number, it presents exclusive photos. For his outing, he invites his partners to the Château d’Artigny where he offers his guests entertainment, musical meetings and tastings of products from the Loire region … The concept dedicated to luxury and the automobile was also a elegance contest for the female gente hated for the occasion.

In the same vein, he founded the Concept Media Signature. The release is scheduled for May 2019. Following the pandemic, it took place during the Monaco 2021 Grand Prix last May.

The little echo of art and fashion

In September 2020, the opening of Fashion Week is an opportunity to present “The Little Echo of Art and Fashion”. This concept, developed by the communication agency “S” at Éditions d’Antan, combines fashion and art. It combines a charity event with the sale of the magazine and an auction of the works presented. The profits are donated to the chosen association.

Supplement to “Oooh magazine”, journal linked to luxury gastronomy and beauty, “le Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode”, illustrated “luxury” publication, highlights talents in all its forms through each event where the latter is present.

How does the event work?

With each release of its issue, the Petit Echo de l’Art et la Mode joins forces with and supports the action of charitable associations.

Each event organized by “Le petit echo de la mode” highlights different regions of France. An exhibition theme joins the world of fashion during a charitable action in favor of the chosen association. There are more than 200 artists from different backgrounds who create works for the occasion. They appear on the pages of the newspaper, which is reissued every quarter for major events (Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival or Deauville American Film Festival? Fashion Week … The edition is available by reservation.

For each charity cocktail and dinner organized, the magazine is sold to donate the profits to the association. An auction of works of art is open to each partner who can participate. To do this, each guest gives a hostess an envelope sealed with her name.

Launch of the second edition

A Gala cocktail took place for the launch of the second edition of the “Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode”. It was held on July 8 to close Fashion Week in Paris. A red rose was imperatively required to be able to enter.

It was an opportunity to announce the partner of the year: “The French League for Multiple Sclerosis” (LFSEP). We were able to discover the names of the partners and artists already registered for the auction. Three open days from July 9 to 12 provided an opportunity to meet artists, designers and artisans in order to present their know-how.

This year, for each publication of Le Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode, a limited edition box set in partnership with a selected artist is produced in the form of a work of art and sold at auction. For this 2nd edition, Laurence Jenk, the guest of honor, ensures the official partnership.

The partners

  • Laurence Jenk, visual artist recognized around the world
  • The “Luxury Prestige International” private concierge service of the Petit Echo de l’Art et de la Mode
  • The Staff Agency * hostess agency to support the event.
  • The House of Haute Parfumerie Salvador Dali
  • Chef Marouane for a tailor-made tasting
  • The Champagne House “Verlet by Greg”.

Who is Laurence Jenk?

Laurence Jenkell (JENK since 2020) is a French sculptor and painter born on December 31, 1965 in Bourges.

Self-taught, she experimented in a domestic oven, her first inclusions, drips, baking, molding. After several years of research and experimentation, she achieves perfect control over the softening of plexiglass and its shaping. The “wrapping”, a sidereal twist of the material, to a point of formal perfection has opened up an infinity of creative possibilities. She belongs to the “neo-pop” movement.

Who is Luigi Di Donna?

Luigi Di Donna studied at the Louis Lumière photography school. Assistant to a great photographer in New York, he then worked in Milan with the biggest modeling agencies. Back in Paris with a solid and professional “book”, he decides to choose who he wants to work with and on what subjects. Its particularity is to refuse the imposed codes. His goal is to show his vision without being influenced or locked away. He compares his work to cinema by staging the image. seeking For each shoot, he looks for the setting, the atmosphere and draws a storyboard. He does not work in the studio but looks for his sets as for a film. His shoots are always done in the light of day.

What is the LFSEP?

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive inflammatory disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. It begins in young adults, around 30 years old, and affects 2 women for 1 man). Its development often takes place in 2 periods. It is not an inherited disease but there is a genetic predisposition. The individual’s immune defense system works against the body itself (autoimmune disease). The disease can appear after immune events (infection, vaccination), trauma, significant stress but these are not causes of the disease.

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