NM1: TBC vs Challans basketball (103 to 74)

From the first minutes of the meeting, the players of the pink city unroll their basketball and literally roll over their opponents (30-19, 10th) with real steamrollers like Ibrahim Djambo, like Adrien Thimon and the excellent defender but just as skillful, Victor Mopsus.

Bis repeated during the next quarter (35-18) with an equally powerful metronome, Faycal Sahraoui, who made his teammates shine, once again (9 assists) and a collective that heated the heat to take off at the notice board and give the spin to Kévin Bouchard and other Alexandre Aygalenq (65-37, 20th).

The match subsequently declined in address but not in intensity (20-24) and it was the Vendéens who managed to pocket the win in the third act before faltering once again thereafter (18-13).

TBC has just won a new success at home with a united group like Benjamin Mondésir, Yohan Solle who also add their stone to the building, just like Lucas Kouyate and Thibaud Gottin (103-74, final score) .

Stéphane Dao’s team, pass the legendary 100 points mark in a match, take their revenge with panache, still occupy the top of the basket of NM1 and remain in the race for the first step of the podium, synonymous with accession to PRO B at the end of the season, but Lorient still remains on their way and in particular Tours away from home.

The TBC has no shortage of offensive arguments, in different registers. And the Toulouse bench now looks great (Mopsus, Solle, Gottin…), which allows Stéphane Dao to offer intensive basketball on both sides of the field. It remains for the TBC to become more solid over time. “We can’t seem to ‘kill’ games and we have ups and downs, like against Challans. We must find more serenity; we are too playful at times… ”

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