Thanks boss ! For … “The unemployed”

Patron (Arnaud) … he is the author of the play …
The unemployed person is Malo, Malo like Malus … it already evokes something worrying … but his name, Lecoeur!
Malo became unemployed, a road accident that no insurance protects.

His couple did not withstand the earthquake.
To find the love of his life, he will enter the narrow path of reprofessionalization …

Malo’s odyssey, a perilous journey strewn with pitfalls, to meet mythical characters of modern times, both from the world of business, the medical profession or politics, will give rise to a committed, zany and social comedy. surreal, often marked by emotion.

Malo, a sympathetic, discreet, lunar young man, brilliantly embodies a scourge of our time, of all times, the fear of each of us of losing our job and finding ourselves marginalized.
In voiceover, a rap soundtrack opens the show and punctuates it until the end.

A very beautiful dreamlike text which comes, in a poetic way, to bring an extension to the words, to translate the moods of Malo, in counterpoint to the dialogues, always dense and percussive.
The staging could not be more minimalist but devilishly effective.

For any set, let’s say rather accessory, six cubes – exactly rectangular parallelepipeds – that the actors, at a frantic pace, will move or assemble throughout the show to transform the stage into an office for Pôle Emploi, recruiter or shrink, as a therapist’s couch, as an info chain tray or even as an operating table …

The opportunity for the talented author, in each sequence, to show us, with humor and realism, the tribulations of poor Malo, tossed about, provoked, harassed, threatened … but in the end saved by the love found.
Like Ulysses on a raging sea, our hero Malo advances bravely, resisting the song of a siren, surviving a job interview with a hyperstressed reference advisor, the murderous madness of a paranoid competitor or even a demonic psychoanalyst couple. DSM5-non-Freudian psychotherapist … phew!

Around him, the other actors appear and disappear, like pawns on a chess board … a game of chess, a labyrinthine course between these six omnipresent cubes which are both obstacles and springboards.

Move forward, hold on, resist the guilt, backbiting and cruelty of social networks …
… “He wasn’t good enough for her … he kept her from blossoming … maybe he even beat her” …. like, like, like, the screen faces exult on FB devilish.

The humor stems from the distance that Malo keeps from the trials he faces, from the reversals of the situation or from slipping into hysteria.

Everything is successful and exciting in this funny and moving play, the work of the actors, the staging, the music …
Thanks boss ! You haven’t been idle!

At the Momtparnasse counter from May 21 to June 6, 2021. Faced with its success, the piece will be revived soon.
She obtained 4 nominations for the P’tits Molière 2019.

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