23 octobre 2021

Vaccination of children at the center of the 7th day of anti-pass mobilization

More than 160,000 demonstrators throughout France including 14,500 in Paris, for this 7th consecutive day of mobilization against the health pass.

More than 160,000 demonstrators throughout France including 14,500 in Paris, for this 7th consecutive day of mobilization against the health pass.

According to Public Health France, the mobilization is greater where the vaccination rate is lower. However, the number varies depending on geographic location. In total, there were 200 protests across France. The administrative court, however, suspended the order requiring the presentation of a health pass at the entrance to shopping centers in Yvelines and Essonne.

Last week, the prefecture declared 175,000 demonstrators including 14,700 in Paris. The national figure (160,000) is down this week. However, the number of participants is almost the same in the capital (14,500).

In Paris, there were 4 declared parades and one wild parade:

  • The “Paris pour la Liberté” Collective had an appointment at Place Denfert-Rochereau (75014) for a “peaceful march” to Necker Hospital in Duroc (75015).
  • The “Yellow Vests” left Port Royal (75005) in the direction of Colonel Fabien (75019).
  • Another Gilets Jaunes parade left the Bourse (75002) in the direction of the Royal Palace (75001).
  • The demonstration of the “Patriots” joined the place de Fontenoy (75007) from the place Joffre (75007)
  • A wild demonstration broke out in the 10th arrondissement.
    Across France, there were 16 arrests, including 2 in Paris and 3 wounded in the police.

Demonstration Paris for Freedom

The former yellow vest Sophie Tissier called to assemble at 11 am Place Denfert-Rochereau to join the Invalides. Departure around 2:30 p.m. The collective had asked the demonstrators to come dressed in white.

“Hands off our children! “Is one of the most chanted slogans in the procession made up of many caregivers but also lawyers, families with children, firefighters, civil servants, students… .. Vaccinated or not, all were there to show their disapproval .

Port Royal-Colonel Fabien event

Like the other weeks, this event was the most attended. Thousands of people marched with placards chanting: “The sanitary pass, we don’t want it”, “Freedom! “, ” We are here! “,” Hands off our children! “… The procession, surrounded by numerous security forces, left Port-Royal around 1:00 p.m. Arrived at Colonel Fabien around 7 p.m., demonstrators continued their journey towards Jaurès

Bourse-Palais Royal event

As on previous weekends, Sébastien Philippart called on his supporters to meet at the foot of the AFP building, Place de la Bourse. This place signifies the rejection of ‘AFP and“ propaganda information ”. The procession then proceeded to the Palais- “Patriots” Royal, passing through Réaumur, Beaubourg and Rivoli streets.

Demonstration of the “Patriots”

“The Patriots gathered at Place Joffre (75007), in front of the military school to go to Place de Fontenoy (75007). The procession brought together thousands of people, waving the tricolor and singing the Marseillaise. In the crowd, you could see messages of support for Professor Raoult, others saying “No to the Pass of Shame”. As in the other processions, there were many members of the medical staff and parents accompanied by their children. As the new school year approaches, they are speaking out against the compulsory vaccination of their children.

Florian Philippot hopes to revive the mobilization at the start of the school year, thanks to a “great unique national event on Saturday September 4th.

Wild manifestation

Some demonstrators launched a wild demonstration in the 10th arrondissement. The security forces used tear gas at the corner of rue Vicq d´Azir and rue Juliette Dodu, against dozens of people responsible

Events in the provinces

The mobilization was still strongest in the south of France. Marseille (3,000, 3 arrests and 13 injured police officers), Aix en Provence (2,000), Toulon (4,000) attracted a lot of people. Montpellier brought together 9,500 people, one of the biggest events.

In Brittany, Rennes and Vannes brought together 2000 people respectively, 250 in Dinan, 850 in St Brieuc or 900 in Lorient.

In the east, 2,900 demonstrators in Strasbourg, 5,500 in Mulhouse, 2,500 in Colmar.

In Lyon, 2,000 people divided into 2 processions. Clashes with law enforcement and the use of tear gas.

In the south-west, processions in Pau (2,500), Narbonne (1,000 including teachers and parents), Bordeaux (2,100) and Toulouse (3,500, center prohibited, tear gas, 3 arrests).

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